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VEHICLE INSPECTION CHECK LIST Year Make Model Mileage Inspection date S S S S S S S U U U U U U U GENERAL ITEMS Wiper blades Mirrors Horn LIGHTS Dash Indicators/Gauges Headlights Park/Tail lights
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Today I'm going to show you how to prepare your car for your annual safety inspection or your MOT I am a master certified mechanic Chrysler Corporation I am Class A I am a class a certified safety inspector for my state and Class A basically means that I am qualified to inspect anything from cars trucks campers RVs motorcycles trailers you name it Class A covers everything so let me just go over a few things on my car things that I would look for if a customer came to me for a safety inspection now there are many many different items on a safety inspection list so there's absolutely no way every mechanic in the world knows every rule in the book it's just not possible that's there are many key things that are pretty obvious that the mechanics will look for and I'll be honest with you I've been working in the shin shops for years dealerships independent shops and most mechanics don't go into too much in depth on safety inspections they look at the obvious things and anything that they are unsure of they consult the book and look it up but if you make sure that the obvious items on your car are up in tip-top shape the chances are you will pass your safety inspection now the first thing of course are your lights all your lights have to function properly in the state of Virginia fog lamps have a different rule on a truck your fog lamps cannot be higher than the line of your headlights again these rules do vary depending on what state you're in but in this state your fog lights cannot be higher than your headlights in this state if you cover your fog lights they are considered an auxilary item and are not required to be functional the past state inspection so if they are covered then they are excluded from the safety inspection procedure so if you do have fog lights on a 4x4 or something that are in question depending on their height or if they're not working fully just cover them up and it'll no longer be an inspection item what if they're there if they're uncovered they have to work and they have to be at the proper height okay headlights have to work both high beams and low beams turn signals they have to work headlights I just polished these modern cars have plastic lenses they do get cloudy and pitted over time just the cloudiness alone is not enough to fail safety inspection it's the actual amount of light that can be seen at a lot of shops mechanics have these devices that they can measure how many lumens are actually coming out of the headlight most mechanics don't get this equipment to test this they just eyeball it it's pretty obvious if your lights are so cloudy they're not putting out sufficient light then they won't pass but most of the time just because they're cloudy that's not an issue also your horns have to be functional they have to be audible up to a distance of 20 feet from another vehicle in this case I've installed some aftermarket air blaster horns as you can see down there those red things so I know that mine will absolutely...
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